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Advocating for the Academic Experience on the 40 Acres

Every school and college at UT Austin has a college council, which works to improve the academic experience in its college. The College Councils provide programming which positively affects the academic environment, student-faculty interaction and the university community. The Senate of College Councils is the coordinating body that brings together the 20 College Councils to represent UT Austin students in academic affairs and provide student opinion on academic issues to the University's administration.

Chartered by the UT System Board of Regents in 1973 to represent all UT Austin students in academic affairs, Senate's mission is to strengthen and improve the academic culture of the University, create awareness and pride in the academic strength of the university, and ensure that the University of Texas at Austin is and remains a "university of the first class."



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Internal Committees


The Academic Enrichment Committee is responsible for promoting educational experiences that go beyond the classroom and that provide another learning dynamic to a student’s education. This committee will mainly focus on programming and policy initiatives to improve academic service learning, study abroad opportunities, promotion of internship opportunities, and technology use in the classroom.                                                                  


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                                                                                          The Communications Committee is responsible for working with the Communications Director to help publicize all Senate and College Council programming initiatives. The committee designs advertisements, creates videos, writes blogs, and uses any other form of publicity needed to adequately inform the university community about Senate and its initiatives.

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The Academic Integrity Committee is devoted to fostering a culture of integrity and honor at The University of Texas at Austin. By working with faculty, administrators, athletics, and students, this committee helps integrate the university’s Student Honor Code and Core Values into all facets of Longhorn life. The Academic Integrity Committee promotes the importance of integrity on campus through writing legislation and organizing events.



                                                                                          The Faculty Affairs Committee is dedicated to fostering a closer relationship and a deeper appreciation between UT students and their faculty through various programs designed to showcase honorary professors. The main initiative Faculty Affairs pursues is to increase interaction between the two bodies. Additionally, members of the committee will work closely on teaching assistant issues and other legislation pertaining to faculty affairs.

The Undergraduate Research Committee's mission is to improve the accessibility, feasibility, and quality of undergraduate research on the Forty Acres.  This committee seeks to work with faculty, administrators, and college councils to promote research opportunities on campus and strengthen the University’s undergraduate research culture.

The Academic Policy Committee is responsible for addressing issues dealing with the curriculum of the university, as well as standardized academic processes and regulations currently in place. In the past this has included registration, degree plans, and course instructor surveys, among other issues.                                    


The Recruitment and Retention Committee focuses on increasing the retention of current students and faculty by improving the academic experience for transfer and dual degree students. Along with these initiatives, the Recruitment and Retention Committee is focused on improving recruitment programs to promote the pursuit of a higher education at The University of Texas at Austin.



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