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Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go! is a college readiness workshop designed to help select 9th-11th grade high school students learn the steps they should be taking in high school to prepare them to get into college and how to be successful once they get in. These students are invited to the campus for the day, and are presented with information covering a variety of topics, such as the application process, financial aid, college life and more. The information presented at this workshop is valuable to all students: those who are applying to UT and those who are applying to other colleges as well. This semester’s Ready, Set, Go will take place on Saturday, November 15 with more than 120 high school students, and their parents, from across Central Texas visiting the campus of The University of Texas at Austin and learning the necessary information and tools to apply to and succeed in college.

Selected by their high school counselors, 11th grade students attend the workshop, which covers topics, including: the college application process, living conditions on and off campus, classes that should be taken in high school to best prepare for college courses, study tips and other pertinent facts about college life.

In addition to attending information sessions, led by Senate members, regarding admission to college and financial aid, students also receive tips regarding advising and study tips and time management.

Parents also hear from a panel of students, parents of current UT Austin students and representatives from the university’s Division of Food and Housing Services and police department on issues, including: safety on campus, housing and other concerns they might have about their student’s college experience.

To sign up for this workshop, submit this form. The submission deadline is November 12, 11:59 PM..