Senate of College Councils

2012-13 (Morton) Resolutions

S.R. 1201 – In Support of Departmental Resources for Incoming Graduate Students S.R. 1202 – In Support of Freshman Advising Coordinators in Each College and School and the Creation of a Freshman Advising Council

S.R. 1203 – In Support of a New Honor Code for The University of Texas at Austin

S.R. 1203 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1204 – In Support of Offering Integrated Interactive Degree Audits for Dual-Degree Students

S.R. 1204 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1205 – In Support of Standardized Degree Plan Formats

S.R. 1205 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1206 – In Support of Including Major Tracks on Transcripts

S.R. 1206 – Addendum

S.R. 1207 – In Support of a Simplified Dual Degree Graduation Procedure

S.R. 1208 – In Support of the Creation of Thematic Core Curriculum Streams

S.R. 1209 – In Support of Annual Gender Equity Reports

S.R. 1210 – In Support of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics

S.R. 1211 – In Support of a Comprehensive Minor Policy

S.R. 1212 – In Support of Clarifying the Plus/Minus System

S.R. 1213 – In Support of a New Transcript Policy

S.R. 1213 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1214 – In Support of Paid Family Medical Leave

S.R. 1214 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1215 – In Support of the 2013 Invest in Texas Campaign Platform

S.R. 1216 – In Support of Expanding the Projects for Underserved Communities Program to All Majors

S.R. 1217 – In Support of Creating Veteran Liaisons in Colleges

S.R. 1218 – In Support of Senate Bill 15 in the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature

S.R. 1219 – In Support of Identifying and Tracking Student Veterans

S.R. 1220 – In Support of Identifying Non-Traditional Course Formats on the University's Course Schedule

S.R. 1220 – Policy Briefing

S.R. 1221 – In Support of the Creation of a Transfer Student Advisory Board

S.R. 1221 – Addendum

S.R. 1222 – Honoring President William Powers Jr.

S.R. 1223 – Honoring Executive Vice President and Provost Steven Leslie

S.R. 1224 – Honoring Vice Provost Gretchen Ritter

S.R. 1225 – Honoring Dr. Gale Stuart

S.R. 1226 – Honoring Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs Leo Barnes

S.R. 1227 – Honoring Patty Micks, David Spight, Dr. Jess Miner, and Kin Hau